Overland Park’s Museum at PrairieFire: The Ultimate in Natural History

Overland Park's Museum at Prairiefire: The Ultimate in Natural History

Check out a few of these stunning exhibits at the museum in Prairiefire.

At Prairiefire, you can truly have it all. Located in Overland Park on the pristine Niklaus Golf Course, Prairiefire yields an educated and skilled community rife with culture. The American Museum of Natural History constitutes one of Overland Park’s pride and joy and is the ultimate in natural history.

The museum is unique for the Midwest and borrows most of it’s collection from the famous American Museum of Natural History in New York City, which is one of the top attractions in the country. The museum’s objective is to educate the community on the natural history of the world, the diversity of cultures and breakthroughs in scientific research.  It boasts an impressive array of exhibits that include typical fare like dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.

The museum also has interactive exhibits and hosts a wonderful area for children known as the Discovery Room. In addition, the American Museum of Natural History at Prairiefire will feature a one acre park that includes a butterfly garden and a native wetlands interpretive trail.

The museum is an excellent place to bring your family and enjoy a fun day of education and natural history.  For more information on our apartments in Overland Park, please give us a call at 888.509.5750!

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