2012 Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities in Kansas City

2012 Thanksgiving Volunteer opportunities in Kansas City

Make Thanksgiving magical for all families in KC by volunteering this November.

Though America is one of the richest societies in the history of western civilization, our nation has a few of its own ills. One of the most glaring ills that still persists in modern day America is hunger and food insecurity. And as the holidays approach, this becomes all the more apparent as some families gear up for the holidays, while others pray for food on the table.

During the holidays, it is always important to remember individuals and families living in Metro Kansas City and Overland Park who are less fortunate.  One easy way to help these citizens in need during the holidays like Thanksgiving is volunteer with a soup kitchen, food bank and other creditable charity group that helps needy families nearby.

For starters, Overland Park and KC residents can round up a group of neighbors to help out at Harvesters, which does a spectacular job at collecting and distributing food to agencies which are serving poor families living in metro Kansas City. The group is always in the hunt for volunteers to help at their food bank in KC, as well as Topeka.

There are a number of ways that you can provide a helping hand to the less fortunate living in metro Kansas City.  The Second Harvest Food Bank is another food bank constantly seeking out volunteers who can help them out during Thanksgiving and the holiday period.  You can even volunteer to hold a food drive or help them with food distribution and collection.

The Salvation Army is in need of volunteer drivers who can assist with food deliveries during the holidays. These deliveries will be to families in need.

No matter if you want to collect food or deliver it to a family in need, whichever volunteer service you choose to join and support will go a long way in improving a needy family’s Thanksgiving.

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