Laundromat Courtesy

Because I am fortunate enough to have generous parents who like buying new appliances and giving me their old ones, I laundromathave had my own washing machine and dryer since college. Although my washer is old and knocks like crazy, I faithfully schlep it from apartment to apartment knowing I do not have to donate my hours and quarters to the complex laundromat. 

But if you do have to spend a few hours doing laundry with your neighbors, here are some tips on laundry room etiquette. 
Never remove someone’s clothes from a washing machine. This is an ultimate no-no and will probably earn you a trip to your neighbor’s bad side.  Be patient and wait your turn. 
Don’t leave your clothing unattended. There are so many reasons for this, your clothes might get stolen, someone rude may move your things, and its just not a good  idea. 
Bring enough money. No one likes a beggar, so be prepared and cary enough cash. 
Fold your clothes away from the dryer. You might be blocking someone else from doing their laundry, and that’s not cool. 
You have any tips to add?
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