4 Tips for Driving in Inclement Winter Weather

4 Tips for Driving in Inclement Winter Weather

Use these tips and tricks to keep you and your family safe on the roads this winter.

The first snowfall has hit parts of the Midwest and Eastern seaboard as we dive deeper into the colder winter months. At this point in the year, it is pertinent to take a moment to pause and assess some winter driving safety tips. Taking the time to review simple safety tips and tricks will ensure that you and your family are safe in wet, slick winter conditions.

If you’re uncertain about winter driving safety tips, check out this list of four basic tricks to use when inclement winter weather approaches: 

  1. Before inclement weather arrives, take the time to inspect your car. Spend a few minutes checking your tire pressure, tread, and fluids. If you’re uncertain about an automotive problem, take your car to a mechanic prior to driving in slick conditions.
  2. When you plan for a long trip remember to check the extended weather report before heading out. Resources like Weather.com and Yahoo are great websites with extended weather forecasts. If rough weather is headed your way, do not hesitate to delay your trip.
  3. Never slam on your brakes in the snow or sleet. Sharp stops in slick conditions can send you into an uncontrollable skid.
  4. Many of us run around town throughout the day. Even if you’re in a rush, remember to slow down when it is raining, snowing, or sleeting. Wherever you need to go is not worth your life or damage to your property.

This winter, use these tips to keep you and your family safe during rough, inclement weather. For more winter safety tips, check out Winter Driving Tips at AAA Exchange.

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